Level Protabs: Hangover

Let the healing begin. Photo:  ChingImages . © mymilligram. Art direction: Marcia Gagliardi. Styling: Christian Jusinski/ Surfacehaus .

Let the healing begin. Photo: ChingImages. © mymilligram. Art direction: Marcia Gagliardi. Styling: Christian Jusinski/Surfacehaus.


Hey, you party animal. Looks like someone got their swerve on, and now you put the hurt on. It happens to the best of us, and can sneak up on even the most experienced cocktailian. And then there are people like me: a woman in her mid-forties, whose body’s chemistry is changing monthly and not cooperating like it used to. I thought I was just having a lively night with some bubbles and Boulevardiers and then boom, you wake up feeling green around the gills with a vice on your head. I call it the veil: some days, it’s just a light and diaphanous one around your head, and dissipates after your coffee and some eggs. Other days, the veil is more like a shroud: heavy, dark, impenetrable, with no signs of lifting and you want to crawl into a cool, dark, quiet cave. Things like breakups, your friend’s 50th birthday party, and Vegas are usually to blame.

Cannabis is a known helper for headaches and moments of malaise and nausea, but it can be tricky, because if you consume something too strong, it can make things worse. I also don’t feel like smoking anything when I’m hungover—low-dose edibles are more my jam. But leave it to our friends at Level to be looking out for us. With their latest release, Hangover, this specially formulated Protab is all about delivering just the right amount of cannabinoids to give you a helping hand. (If you suffer from migraines, you’ll also want to keep reading.)

Their Protab line is different from their Tablinguals, which I have written about here often, from Stimulate to Morning to Calm, which are 3mg tablets that dissolve under your tongue. I have said thanks to their dreamy Soothe (made with delta-8) when I’ve had an upset stomach, and a couple Mornings can help me wipe away some morning foggies. 

But the Protabs are a different beast. These are pills that you swallow, and they all feature 25mg of various cannabinoids. Now, 25mg of their Indica Protab would knock me out for a couple days, but the formulation of Hangover is an approachable mix of THCA (9.3mg), CBD (6mg), CBG (5.7mg), and delta-8 (3mg), with a smidge of THC (like 1.5mg). A perfect recovery cannabinoid cocktail for you, ha-ha. 

The first three cannabinoids (THCA, CBD, and CBG) are non-intoxicating, and delta-8 is what I call the kinder, gentler THC, with lighter lifted effects. It’s also a known anti-emetic (it stops vomiting) and diminishes nausea. The THCA can help with pain (um, your pounding head), while the CBD and CBG can help with overall discomfort, inflammation, and chill you out. Hangovers can also bring some depression (“beer sads” are a thing) and these Protabs help soften that a little and bring your body back to homeostasis. Time to get level!

How I like to use Hangover Protabs

The idea is that you take a Hangover Protab when you put your drunk ass to bed, and take another in the morning when you wake up (ideally it’s a weekend and you get to lounge around in bed). What I like about the bedtime dose is it can help you sleep better—there’s nothing worse than passing out, and then waking up after your first REM cycle, lying there awake in bed, all cotton-mouthed and illin’. Ugh! Let’s sleep through that, shall we? Let’s.

I always recommend starting low and slow over here, especially when you’re in such a delicate condition, and edibles can be unpredictable. There are around 4.5mg of intoxicating cannabinoids in each Hangover Protab, so why not use the handy scoring on the tab and try half to start? Down the hatch. I’ve taken a whole Hangover Protab and gone right to bed—I slept well, no waking up at 4am and writhing around with the sweats, so that was alllll good. The next day (I was still a bit ick from too many cocktails), I took half a tab, started feeling better about an hour later, and then took the other half. And I felt it. Let’s just say I was glad I didn’t have to be anywhere—I was feeling pretty buoyant for a couple hours. (And to be clear, I was feeling good, all things considered!)

I’m still road-testing these tabs (I try to stay away from hangovers as much as possible), but another thing they’ve really helped me with are migraines! For me, they helped diminish that all-over body discomfort and loosen the clamp on my head—I felt like I could rest a bit more comfortably and be more floaty, less flattened. If you suffer from migraines or headaches, you may want to give these a try. Cheers—to your health!

Visit levelblends.com for more info and the mymilligram page on getsava.com to purchase Hangover Protabs (look for the black box)!



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