Cosmic View Tinctures (20:1, 3:1, and 1:1)

Cosmic View has a line of three masterfully formulated tinctures. Photo: Marcia Gagliardi. © mymilligram. Styling: Christian Jusinski/ Surfacehaus . Props:  Jay Jeffers/The Store .

Cosmic View has a line of three masterfully formulated tinctures. Photo: Marcia Gagliardi. © mymilligram. Styling: Christian Jusinski/Surfacehaus. Props: Jay Jeffers/The Store.


A fundamental part of any microdoser’s toolkit is to have a variety of tinctures in it, which you can use to explore cannabis through different ratios, and make micro-adjustments to your day and state of being. While we’re seeing many cannabis brands presenting themselves as a luxury product, the mother-and-daughter duo behind Cosmic View want to honor its deep medicinal and hippie/back-to-the-land roots.


Daughter Nicole Skibola is a cancer survivor (she had a rare endometrial cancer), and after treatment, she made some diet and lifestyle changes and started integrating cannabis into her day-to-day as a therapeutic aid. Instead of unwinding with a glass or two of wine, she started using cannabis instead, which has the added benefit of anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative qualities. Nicole also mentioned to me that a recent study has shown how CBD can help kill endometrial cancer cells.


Nicole would definitely be up on all the latest research, because her mother, Christine Skibola, is an international cancer researcher, PhD, and scientist, and a recently retired U.C. Berkeley professor (you can read more about her extensive background here). Christine helped formulate tinctures for her daughter with the highest levels of cannabinoids to help with her ongoing wellness and serve as medicine. They moved from private use to getting licensed and manufacturing in 2017. Christine also formulated three different topicals to help her own auto-immune skin disorder (Psori-Assist), as well as one for vaginal health (Viva la V!), and another for pain relief (Deep Down).


Their tincture line has three different ratios (20:1 CBD to THC, 3:1, and 1:1) and uses sun-grown cannabis sourced from growers in Trinity County who farm with intention, and dedication to the land and the use of cannabis as medicine. Cosmic View is committed to supporting craft cannabis, and having a relationship with their cultivator. They also work with their extractors to provide them crude/minimally refined cannabis in order to preserve as many of the beneficial compounds, cannabinoids, and terpenes as possible after extraction (both rosin and unwinterized CO2 supercritical extraction). They formulate their tinctures to be as close to the plant’s natural integrity as possible.


Another component to their tinctures is the olive oil they sourced for the formulations. They use a high-quality, cold-pressed, unfiltered Tuscan blend from Sonoma, and the farm is the same one that mills their family olives for their own olive oil at home. Not only is olive oil prized for its many healthful qualities that contribute to longevity, but it’s also linked to having anti-cancer properties. Some people have a sensitivity to MCT/coconut oil, which is used in many cannabis tinctures, so this olive oil–based version is a great option.


Let’s take a look at the three different tinctures:

Cosmic View’s 20:1 tincture. Photo: Marcia Gagliardi. © mymilligram. Styling: Christian Jusinski/ Surfacehaus . Props:  Jay Jeffers/The Store .

Cosmic View’s 20:1 tincture. Photo: Marcia Gagliardi. © mymilligram. Styling: Christian Jusinski/Surfacehaus. Props: Jay Jeffers/The Store.

The 20:1 tincture

The ratio of 20:1 means there are 20 parts CBD to one part THC (i.e. very little to no psychoactivity). You shouldn’t notice any psychoactive effects, but a little bit of THC present is beneficial for boosting the efficacy of the CBD. 20:1 is not only a great ratio for beginners, but for anyone who wants to explore a regimen of adding CBD to their day to day.

In time, as you get more comfortable, you can try other ratios, like 3:1 or 1:1. Different ratios have different effects and potential benefits, especially for more serious ailments or chronic issues. If there’s something specific you’re trying to alleviate, it’s good to try a product consistently for at least a couple weeks, ideally longer. You may not notice anything for a while, and then suddenly, on day ten, something may shift.


The 20:1 CBD-rich tincture may help with anxiety and mood stabilization, sleep, minimize pain (like from arthritis, cramps, headaches, and migraines), and CBD is known for being anti-inflammatory. It’s also known for helping with neurological disorders and conditions, like epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and cerebral palsy.


It has personally helped me with body soreness (it’s great after a workout or too much exertion, like a day of skiing), the occasional pinched nerve/back pain/kink in the neck, and hangovers. This tincture provides me some calm and relaxation in moments of stress or anxiety, without making me too sleepy—I’ll take a quarter dropper if I’m feeling stressy and go from there. Smooth those feathers.


Go ahead, put a drop or two on your tongue and taste it. (You can do it in front of a mirror to be sure you just release a couple drops.) I find the flavor to be very natural and earthy-floral and quite pleasing. The olive oil gives it a familiar note I love, but it isn’t sharp or hot or prickly—it’s smooth and elegant. You may feel effects in 15–30 minutes, and they can last from 2–6 hours (it depends upon your metabolism).


A recommended starting point is to try a 1/4 dropper (.25ml as noted on the dropper, which is 2.375mg of CBD and a negligible .125mg of THC) and hold it under your tongue for 30–60 seconds before swallowing—I just leave it under my tongue and find it slowly dissipates within a minute. The next day, try it again. See how it feels. Maybe have a little more. The goal is to eventually dial in your MED (minimum effective dose). Since cannabis is biphasic, a lower dose can be more beneficial than a higher one—so more is not necessarily more.

See how you react to CBD at bedtime: some folks can be activated by it, so it may be better for daytime (the 1:1 ratio would work best if you want something at bedtime).


It can take time to build up the effects of daily CBD use and treatment, even a month, so be patient. If you’re looking to explore use for general homeostasis or chronic issues, consider trying a small dose (1/4 dropper) three times a day, before meals, and titrate from there.


Have you had too much THC? Don’t forget, you can use this 20:1 tincture to chill things out. If you ever feel like you’re too high (which is the number one thing I want you to avoid experiencing, but it can happen), you can take some CBD and it can help lessen the euphoric effects of THC. (Another trick is to smell or eat black pepper. Yup, there’s a wonderful reason to keep black pepper salami in your fridge.)


The 3:1 tincture

This ratio can be extra-calming and good for evening time. It has a higher amount of THC (.25ml or a 1/4 dropper is 1.875mg of CBD and .625mg of THC, while a full dropper would be 7.5mg of CBD and 2.5mg of THC), which may help with specific health conditions, pain management, and migraines. It can help combat nausea and stimulate appetite for anyone undergoing cancer treatment. Nicole also mentioned it could be a good protocol for breast cancer survivors to integrate since THC has some cancer-killing properties.


In a less-serious usage scenario, I also find this ratio to be pleasant in the afternoon or over the weekend when I want a little daytime lift in creativity and happy vibes, but nothing too strong or weird. While I was on vacation in Lake Tahoe this summer, I enjoyed taking a dropper before I’d leave our family cabin and hop on my bike to ride to the beach. I’d have a really engaging bike ride, and when I arrived to the lake, that first dip felt extra-delicious (same goes for the daily sandwich I’d bring). The ducks would also be pretty funny. (You quackin’ at me?)


The 1:1 tincture

The 1:1 is good for when you want to tap more into the analgesic effects of THC (it’s great for hangovers), or need quick relief from anxiety or insomnia. The higher presence of THC means you will feel some psychoactive effects, like euphoria and some perception shifts. Similar to the 3:1, the 1:1 can help cancer patients with symptoms like nausea, discomfort, and appetite loss, but may be more ideal at nighttime due to its psychoactive effects (the 1:1 is like the 3:1 on steroids). It can also be helpful for people trying to wean off of opioids. 1/4 dropper (.25ml) is 1.25mg of CBD and 1.25mg of THC (a full dropper would be 5mg of both).


I have enjoyed the 1:1 for fun as well—with the right setting, you can use it as a party tincture. I like it at the end of the day, have taken it before some of my creative brainstorming walks, and certainly for nighttime Netflix (or Netflix and Chill, hubba), unwinding, and pre-bedtime chillaxing.


One thing to keep in mind: keep your tinctures out of the sun and warm places. You can even keep them in the fridge to prolong their shelf life.


Wakeful Night

Nicole is also an artist, and has just released her first book, Wakeful Night. Here’s more: “This book is an illustrated exploration of cancer-related loss she developed to lead readers through their own stages of identity, fear, and metaphorical thinking associated with a cancer diagnosis. Through art—the book also contains a series of Skibola’s abstract linocut prints and India ink paintings—and some narrative storytelling, Wakeful Night aims to support readers to understand their experience of cancer and develop a creative practice.” This would be a supportive gift for anyone you know who is going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment.



Visit for more info and the mymilligram page on to purchase any of the three tinctures and two of the topicals.




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