Mondo Powder

Photo: Marcia Gagliardi. © mymilligram. Styling: Christian Jusinski/ Roju Surface Works . Props:  Jay Jeffers/The Store .

Photo: Marcia Gagliardi. © mymilligram. Styling: Christian Jusinski/Roju Surface Works. Props: Jay Jeffers/The Store.


I truly adore Mondo powder, and a big part of the fun is turning other people on to it because it’s so well-made and unique. And ethereally delicious. It’s the ultimate cannabis condiment! Mondo is a fluffy, dissolving powder made with organic coconut oil, organic cacao butter, maltodextrin (from tapioca starch, which helps with absorption), and Blue Dream cannabis grown by a Clean Green Certified farmer in Humboldt, so it’s free of pesticides and chemicals (it’s as close to an organic designation you can get for cannabis, which isn’t possible because organic is a USDA certification). Mondo’s maker, Emily O’Brien, wants the product to be as eco-conscious and sustainable as possible, and is working on achieving a zero carbon footprint.


Emily was inspired to create a daily edible after recovering from a back injury five years ago and was suffering from chronic pain and nausea. Through cannabis use, she got off her pain meds, but she wanted to create a healthy, daily edible that wasn’t sugar-intense, and wouldn’t make her sleepy or foggy. She originally was making Mondo granola bars, but pivoted to make the powder after she moved to California. She was on a quest to make the most medicinal product as possible.


Emily found that the Blue Dream strain was the most beneficial to most people, and the coconut oil extraction method is an incredible solvent and works well with people’s bodies. She also worked in the culinary world in some Napa kitchens, so it was important to her that the product was as delicious as it was effective. Emily also knew how much people enjoy the precise dosing of gummy bears, so she ending up creating the ultimate product for herself as a microdoser. 


Mondo is so tasty that I like to sprinkle it right onto my tongue. You can just dip a (clean!) finger into the jar of this beautiful and ethereal low-dose product—lick your finger, dip into the Mondo, and try a little bit right on your tongue. Keep in mind one scoop is 5mg, so you should start with 1–2mg—just try a tiny bit of this fairy dust in the beginning and see how you feel. It could take 20 minutes for you to feel any effects, and some folks may take even longer, like an hour. (It depends upon how hydrated you are, and whether you take it with food or not.)


Come back again for the same amount the next day and titrate (adjust your dosage) from there. Remember to go low and slow—it tastes so good you may want to get a little crazy with it. Don’t. Slow your roll.


How I like to use Mondo

You can sprinkle it on your parfait, into your smoothie, or matcha latte, on some toast with butter, or on your pancakes and waffles! Ice cream says, “High!” It’s truly the ultimate cannabis condiment! 


I’ll take little dips throughout the day, especially on the weekend when I’m catching up on emails and all the articles in my browser tabs that have been waiting for me to read them all week. It provides happy vibes and clarity, and can enhance an experience (like your dinner, or a hike, or a hangout with friends), inspiring you to slow down while you witness and enjoy the moment. 


My favorite way to use Mondo is for what I call my Mondo walks. I live right by Golden Gate Park, so I love to sprinkle a little less than a scoop (about 3–4mg) on and under my tongue and let it dissolve. Then I tie on my running shoes, and head out the door. By the time I’m in the park ten minutes later, I’m feeling lifted and things look a little bright and sparkly. I’ll enjoy power-walking to house music, phone calls with friends or mom, brainstorming about my business (mymilligram=built by Mondo!), daydreaming, deeper thinking, and watching all the funny animals (and people!) in the park.

By the time I get home about 90 minutes later, I’m at a cruising altitude, and totally fine to get back to work, but just feeling a bit more exhilarated and uplifted about everything. Try a Mondo walk, I highly recommend it. 


You'll find Mondo inside the mymilligram curated boxes or you can order Mondo individually on Sava. I know you want to keep your new friend close-by, but be sure to refrigerate Mondo after you open it.

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