Om Edibles Nighttime Elixir

Photo:  ChingImages . © mymilligram. Art direction: Marcia Gagliardi. Styling: Christian Jusinski/ Surfacehaus .

Photo: ChingImages. © mymilligram. Art direction: Marcia Gagliardi. Styling: Christian Jusinski/Surfacehaus.


Ahhhh, sleep. So precious, and alas, it can be so damn evasive. There are a bunch of products hitting the market right now, all named Sleep, or Snooze, or Lights Out, because guess what? We’re not getting enough sleep.

I’m luckily a pretty good sleeper, but when I have a lot on my mind, I’m stressin’ about something, or trying to sleep the night before a trip, I’m happy to have Om Edibles Nighttime Elixir waiting in the wings on my bedside table. It’s yet another beautifully made and award-winning product from Maya Elisabeth, an East Bay–based OG goddess who has brought us fab things like her CBD raw sipping cacao and mineral bath soaks through her company, Om Edibles, which she founded in 2008. 

The alcohol-free tincture is made with organic MCT (coconut) oil, and is infused with chamomile and lavender to help calm and chill you out. It’s lightly floral and silky and tastes like a good nap in a field of dreams. (You can find it on Sava here, and it’s pleasantly affordable for $28 for 150mg of THC.)

Maya sources the full-spectrum cannabis from Island Mountain Organics in Humboldt, which is full-sun grown, and the farm follows biodynamic and organic practices (even though they can’t be certified organic). 

How I like to use Om Edibles Nighttime Elixir

Each 1ml dropper is 5mg of THC, so I recommend beginning with just half (2.5mg) when you’re first starting to try it. You can titrate up by the half-milligram as needed every few nights or so until you find your MED (minimum effective dose). It’s pretty gentle but effective.

I personally take close to a full dropper (4–5mg), and let it sit under my tongue until it naturally dissipates for maximum absorption under the tongue—it takes a few minutes. It tastes so pretty that I enjoy the experience—it’s like aromatherapy in your mouth. This pleasant-tasting formulation is great for people who don’t love the natural/weedy taste of some other tinctures.

I also like having some CBD in the mix, so I’ll supplement with a second dose of about 5–10mg of a CBD-only tincture as well for a layered and entourage effect.

You can also drop the elixir into a drink, from hot to cold to sparkling, but the onset will take longer. Upset tummy? Give this a try. And you can use it topically! Try rubbing in a few drops on your temples, and use it as a face oil. (You won’t get high from topical use, but your skin will thank you.)

I usually sit in bed, scrolling through Instagram (aren’t we all?) and catch up on a few longer articles until I start feeling the sleepies come on. It can take about half an hour to 45 minutes or so—some may feel slightly sedated sooner, or later. It’s not a tincture that knocks me out at a low dose, but it definitely helps calm the mind and body and encourages you to slip into the land of Zzzzzzz. Sweet dreams.

Visit for more info and this direct link on Sava to purchase the Nighttime Elixir.




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