Kiva Petra Mints

Photo: Marcia Gagliardi. © mymilligram. Styling: Christian Jusinski/ Surfacehaus . Props:  Jay Jeffers/The Store .

Photo: Marcia Gagliardi. © mymilligram. Styling: Christian Jusinski/Surfacehaus. Props: Jay Jeffers/The Store.


Many cannabis lovers are already familiar with Kiva Confections and their quality chocolate products, from their 5mg Terra Bites (the best-selling edible in California) to their 5mg Kiva bars. When founders Kristi Knoblich and Scott Palmer launched in 2010, there weren’t many products that were measurable and of a consistent dosage. We've come a long way, baby, and they really helped pave the low-dose path.


It ends up they are both microdosers, and sometimes an entire Terra Bite was proving to be a bit too much, so Kristi was splitting them in half. (Honestly, I always found the Terra Bites to be too strong for me, and sometimes it felt like they were more than 5mg based on how much my brain was tripping out and the random things I was thinking about. You don’t want to know.)


Then Kristi had an ah-ha moment: why not create a product that is half the dosage (2.5mg), so the consumer could titrate their intake in a controlled way? Bingo!


Which brings us to their 2.5mg Petra Mints. They come in two flavors: Moroccan Mint or Eucalyptus. Both contain green tea matcha and are sugar free (they contain the natural, plant-derived sweetener xylitol). There’s just a negligible amount of caffeine, so don’t worry about being kept up late.


They’re a perfect microdosing product because they’re a consistent 2.5mg each, and since psychoactivity for most people is noted around 2mg, they shouldn’t come on too strong. (But I do have a friend who is even more sensitive than I am, and he definitely felt one of these. Remember, everyone’s endocannabinoid system reacts differently to cannabis!)


Ideally, these will operate at an almost sub-psychoactive level for you, and help take the edge off, or maybe keep your focus and energy up. I know some folks who like to take them daily as part of a microdosing regimen (for happiness maintenance). They are hilariously known as “Mom mints,” so that should give you an idea of who they’re popular with.


Because you’re digesting the mint, onset can be in 20 minutes or in two hours, again, everyone is different. It can also depend on what you have in your stomach (full or empty?), and if you mostly suck on the mint for more sublingual activation (and quicker onset), or crunch up the mint and swallow it, which will tend to have a delayed onset. Go ahead and playfully experiment. And even though we’re talking productivity, don’t pop a Petra mint for the first time and go to work—it’s always good to try things in a controlled setting first. You know, like at home.


How I like to use Petra Mints

For me, a key selling point is their portability. I carry a few in a container in my purse, and have found them to come in handy when I’m at a show, going to the movies, a picnic, or when with my friend who’s sitting across from me at dinner and is visibly in pain with a bad back: “Here, sweetie, pop a Petra mint!” The eucalyptus flavor is especially nice if you're fighting a cold and feeling a little meh.


After ingesting, usually about 30–45 minutes later, I feel a little lift, a tiny bit of extra attention to things around me (nature, music, people, colors), and a gentle buzz in my body. They can take up to two hours to kick in, so allow time for a delayed onset, and just start with one. (Save the upgrade to two for another time, if ever.) I like their longer endurance, so if you want a light buzz to last for a bit, like at a show, these should be in your pocket.


Visit for more info and the mymilligram page on to purchase them! Enjoy reading this tiny guide on microdosing by Kiva. 




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