The Best Cannabis Drinks and Treats to Bring to Summer Parties

California Dreamin’, all summer long. Photo: Marcia Gagliardi. © mymilligram. Styling: Christian Jusinski/ Surfacehaus . Props:  Jay Jeffers/The Store .

California Dreamin’, all summer long. Photo: Marcia Gagliardi. © mymilligram. Styling: Christian Jusinski/Surfacehaus. Props: Jay Jeffers/The Store.


It may be the end of summer on the calendar, but in California, we still have plenty of backyard barbecues, beach bonfires, and weekend getaways up our (short) sleeves. Below are some picks to offer at parties if you’re hosting, or something fun to bring as a guest—or even to enjoy if you’re staycationing at home! Stay high-drated!

California Dreamin’

Nothing quite gets the party going like some California Dreamin’ soda—it delivers a light and fun buzz (perfect for parties, with no paranoid vibes), but is also great to unwind with and bring on some giggles at home. Whether you share a bottle (10mg per bottle), or do my ice cube trick, just go low and slow because cannabis beverages tend to come on quickly. They come in four flavors, and mix well with LaCroix, club soda, and other fizzy things, like all the trendy hard seltzers. Buy them on Sava here.

Hi-Fi Hops

I love these super-refreshing, cannabis-infused, hop-flavored, sparkling waters from Lagunitas and CannaCraft (AbsoluteXtracts). They have a quick onset (like 10–15 minutes!) and even though it’s nonalcoholic, I like the IPA-inspired, shandy-like flavor profile—it’s lemony and dry. There’s one that features 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD (it keeps the buzz nice and balanced), while the other can features 10mg of THC.

Atlas cannabis-infused beverage mix comes in three flavors. Photo:  ChingImages . © mymilligram. Art direction: Marcia Gagliardi. Styling: Christian Jusinski/ Surfacehaus .

Atlas cannabis-infused beverage mix comes in three flavors. Photo: ChingImages. © mymilligram. Art direction: Marcia Gagliardi. Styling: Christian Jusinski/Surfacehaus.

Atlas Cannabis-Infused Beverage Mixes

I dig these well-made mixes for their pleasant vibes, awesome portability, and shelf stability. Whether you’re going on a camping trip, a picnic, to a party, or a beach bonfire, all you need to do is throw these pouches in your bag and you’re good to go (and share). Simply add the mix to your water bottle, shake it up, and voilà! There’s Lemongrass & Ginger, Pomegranate Green Tea, and Raspberry & Hibiscus. Each pouch features 10mg of CBD and 5mg of THC. Read my review for more mixing ideas, and find them on Sava.


You’ve got your party table all laid out with chips and dip and pasta salad and crudités, but why not offer your guests a little something extra-special, with rainbows inside? Gummies are approachable and tasty, and you can put out a couple different dosages! Just make sure you have clear signage so people know what they’re getting into.

I recommend the Kiva Camino gummies, either in Sparkling Pear Prosecco (2mg of THC and 6mg of CBD) or a crowd favorite: the Pineapple Habanero gummy (5mg, which you can easily cut in half). Another fave is the Plus Sour Watermelon, a perfect flavor for summer (5mg each).


Looking for a fun gift to show up with instead of the usual bottle of wine or six-pack? Bring a box of a dozen Mellows infused marshmallows, a party in a box! Each Mellow is 5mg each. I always recommend starting with just a half, read more in the mymilligram Mellows feature here. (You can also try singles here.)

OLO Social

I love going to parties and out dancing with the OLO Social sublingual strips. The 5mg strips make me feel bubbly and playful and engaged. Best when shared with friends and lovers, and they’re easy to travel with. Buy them on Sava here.



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